Espen Rasmussen

Shomali Plains, AFGHANISTAN

45 year old Pekai, a former Afghan refugee, lives in a cave with her husband and their five children. She shows a picture of her son who is in the Afghan army. "During the winter, this place is ice cold", Pekai says, "I am not able to feed my children every day." Around 3.7 million Afghan refugees have returned to their homeland since the fall of the Taliban at the end of 2001. Some of the returnees are building houses in a deserted area of the Shomali plains. The Afghan government provided this land for the refugees in order to relocate them from the capital. However, most of the returned refugees do not have any money to build homes and so are currently living on this land in plastic tents and in local caves.

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Espen Rasmussen
Shomali Plains
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