Nic Dunlop

Loi Tia Leng, BURMA

55 year old Long Sam lost his leg when he stepped on a mine while forceably carrying ammunition for the Burmese army. No longer useful to them, he was left in the jungle to die but was rescued by villagers and treated at a clinic. Since 2001 he has lived in the refugee camp of Wan Mai in Loi Tai Leng.
'The Burmese soldiers are all bad. Even after I lost my leg they continued to steal from me. They took chickens and pigs and everything else from the village Every time they came through the village they forced people to carry their equipment. If they villagers ran they opened fire. They beat people including my father who was 60 years old at the time. I don't know why. They just want to dominate the people in our state.' The Burmese troops, he said, 'have no pity. They want to eradicate the Shan.'

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Nic Dunlop
Loi Tia Leng
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