Dieter Telemans

Narok, KENYA

70 year old Kitaana Nkurrunah, a Maasai grandmother who has installed a simple RRWH (Roof Rain Water Harvesting) structure at her home near Narok. Kitaana Nkurrunah moved here twenty years ago and has been harvesting rain for three years. The water is used for drinking purposes only. She is happy with this system which she has copied from the nearby Nturumeti Primary School where a bigger structure was placed in collaboration with the Belgian development agency VVOB. Kitaana has two tanks of 70 litres but she says they are only partly filled this month although it is the middle of the rain season. Normally a single good rain should be enough to fill both tanks. She would like to invest in bigger tanks but they are too costly. During the dry season, when her tanks are dry, her family has to collect water with donkeys from a water point 40km away. Kitaana says that Maasai's traditional houses have rooves made of earth, but now each family tries to construct at least one metal structure in which they can store their harvest and capture rain water.

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