Lianne Milton

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A girl is photographed with the Brazilian media before the start of a debutante ball hosted by the Cerro-Korah favela's Pacifying Police Unit (UPP). 13 girls, all aged around 15 years old, were invited to an all expenses paid day out that began with the make-over and culminated with a 'coming-of-age' ball at a neo-gothic castle on Ilha Fiscal. The event was part of an effort to improve relations between the UPP and the favela's residents. All across Latin America a girl's 15th birthday is considered her entry into womanhood and is often celebrated with a big party. For girls from poor families in the favelas this was a once-in-a-lifetime event and garnered the police much goodwill.

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Lianne Milton
Rio de Janeiro
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