Adam Dean/Panos Pictures

Nr. Taliwang, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

A man who works as a porter carrying sacks of ore, extracted from small-scale artisanal gold mines on the Indotan concession, down a mountainside from the mine, bathes in the simple camp where the porters are based. The porters usually make three or four trips up and down the mountain to the mining camps each day. Each bag of ore they carry weighs about 30kg and they usually carry two or three bags down at a time, depending on their strength and levels of fatigue. When it's not raining they can do up to five trips a day. Some as many as nine trips if the camp is closer and they are fitter and stronger. They usually start at 6:30am, before it gets too hot and the afternoon rains begin to fall. On some days they go down the holes to collect the sacks of ore too. They can typically earn around 300,000 Rupiah (approx. GBP 16.20 per day and take no days off.'

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Adam Dean/Panos Pictures
Nr. Taliwang, West Nusa Tenggara
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