Robin Hammond

Niger Delta, NIGERIA

A patient of 'Doctor' Lekwe Deezia stands bound to a tree by chains. Deezia claims to heal mental illness through the power of prayer and traditional herbal medicines. While receiving treatment, which can sometimes take months, his patients are chained to trees in his courtyard. They are not given shelter or protection from the elements. They are visibly terrified of Deezia and out of his hearing the patients beg the photographer for food. They say they are only fed once a day, sometimes only once every 3 days. One cries and says how cold he gets and that he is attacked by mosquitoes every night. His body is covered in bites. He says they are sometimes beaten for no reason and if a piece of fruit falls from the tree and they try to eat it they are beaten. Although the oil industry has brought billions of dollars into the Nigerian economy, social services remain virtually non-existent and provision for the treatment of people's mental health is neglected by the state. Those who are ill are considered cursed, their illness attributed to malignant spirits by the general population. As a result people with mental health issues are often abandoned or mistreated.

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Robin Hammond
Niger Delta
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