Adam Patterson

USA, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A picture of a child stuck to the wall of a storm drain inhabited by homeless people. The vast 200 mile labyrinth of Las Vegas storm drainage tunnels were built to facilitate sudden downpours, the city itself is ill designed to handle, the primitive cement tunnels vary in size and average about 5ft in height. Over the past ten years more and more people have been calling this their home and today a community of over 300 exists across the network.
Posing the simple question to their subjects: 'What does Las Vegas mean to you?' photographers Adam Patterson and Greg Funnell collaborated on a project that sought to discover if the American Dream was still a plausible notion. They choose Las Vegas as their microcosm as there they found the extremes of western capitalism. It is a 24 hour city that sees 150,000 people pass through its airport every day on their way to sample its proffered pleasures: gaming, entertainment and hospitality. However, in contrast to its bright lights there exists a shadow city that is the ninth most dangerous in America (31st largest by population) and has had the country's highest unemployment rates since 2008. With this in mind the two photographers asked: 'Does America still dare to hope?'

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Adam Patterson
USA, Las Vegas, Nevada
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