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Robin Hammond


A portrait of 37 year old Jeanette Dy who suffered broken bones after attempting to escape her abusive employer by jumping from the balcony of the apartment she was working in as a domestic helper in Kuwait. According to Philippines Overseas Employment Administration over 1 million Filipinos are working abroad. Nearly half are in the Middle East. The Philippine economy is heavily dependent on the export of its own people, euphemistically termed as human capital. $4 billion was sent home by workers in 2007. The cash is sent back to support often large but poor families. For some time, Philippine labour migration has been described as one that wears a woman's face. In the last decade, the women migrants being deployed rose to the average of 70 percent among the new hires. They are overwhelmingly made up of domestic helpers. Domestic workers are subject to horrific abuse in many of the countries they work in where the culture is to treat a maid as an article of personal property. They are rarely given days off or have limits on their hours of work. Abuse ranges from the with-holding of travel documents to sexual attacks to murder. Many of the most atrocious cases of violence against Filipino migrants originate from the Middle East. Exact statistics on abuse are not available as the vast majority of cases are not reported, but NGOs in the field consistently report a rise in the incidence.

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Robin Hammond
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