Nyani Quarmyne

Songhor, Ghana

A woman raking up salt recently harvested from an 'atsiakpo' pan. The proliferation of 'atsiakpo' pans is giving rise to a host of social and environmental issues. While the atsiakpo method allows salt to be harvested almost year-round rather than seasonally, there is a growing consensus that it is an unsustainable practice that is diminishing the lagoon's natural ability to produce salt. The practice of 'atsiakpo' has reduced many, particularly women, to mere labourers as it excludes those without the means to construct, seed, and pump fill a pan. Traditionally the Ada people, who have long made their livlihoods from salt production, worked co-operatively but the 'atsiakpo' pans are privately owned and their proliferation has lead to inequality and the growth of a wealthy elite who employ others to do their labour. The resultant labouring class are trapped in poverty while their employers grow wealthy.

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Nyani Quarmyne
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