Samuel Aranda

Tana, Forecariah, Guinea

A World Health Organisation (WHO) worker checks the temperature of a young man who has been in contact recently with an Ebola victim in the village of Tana. In this region the WHO has decided to allow people who have been in contact with Ebola patients freedom of movement and tracks people's health with regular temperature checks.
Forecariah prefecture is the last known place on earth with Ebola. Though the spead of infections has been reduced to a very small area it is proving difficult to completely eradicate the disease.
Around over 2,500 people died from ebola from the outbreak in Guinea in December 2013 until October 2015 and Guinea is also the last country with known cases of the virus. In total, by October 2015, around 11,300 people had died across West Africa with one fatality outside the region.

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Samuel Aranda
Tana, Forecariah
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