Iva Zimova

Montreal, Canada

A young woman from Ontario, who says she does not like Montreal. She was standing in front of Tim Horton's restaurant where there is a taxi stand and an entrance to the train station. She was opening a door for people, not begging but she hoped that people would give her a small cash reward so she could buy a fruit smoothie with yogurt, but no one did.

She has a daughter, Pandora, who she has not seen for many years. Pandora was adopted by a couple in Vancouver. She says that she needs to take care of herself, get 'clean' so she can get her child back.

The father of her child abuses her, he beats her, but he needs help because he is very sick, cancer probably. She wants to help him but also she wants to leave him. The decision is very difficult for her, he is the father of their child but, on the other hand, she does not like that he beats her.

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Iva Zimova
Not for publication in Canada.
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