Nora Lorek

Stromsund, SWEDEN

Ali Shouhar came to Stromsund in 2011 as part of a refugee quota from Libya. He's now married to and has a daughter with Marta who was born and grew up in the area. 'When our daughter Selma was born, everyone had something to say about it. People wrote to Marta and talked to her on the streets. One of them said that she should get used to getting beaten up.' Ali remembers how he and his family came to Sweden. 'First, you were glad to come to a country in peace but then you couldn't talk to anyone. I used to play basketball but here there was just football, so I just started playing that.'

In recent years it has become easier for him. Now he greets 'at least five people' on the way to do his shopping at ICA. The majority of his football team come from countries other than Sweden and he says that eight of his teammates have been deported, without good reason, he thinks.

'What matters to me is that those who care about each other and behave well should be allowed to stay in Sweden. You should show that you are a good person. Everyone is bothering you sometimes but if you commit crimes you should be expelled immediately.' His friend Fernando is the goal scorer in the team but he was notified of his impending deportation the day before. 'Why can't he stay? Everyone just wants to have an ordinary life like me and Marta.

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