Luis Antonio Rojas/Panos Pictures

Alcozacan, Guerrero, Mexico

An image of a skull on the wall of a house in Alcozacan, one of a group of villages threatened by the brutal Los Ardillos drug cartel.

CRAC-PF was formed as a response by a cluster of remote farming villages, largely inhabited by indigenous Nahuas, to the violent Los Adillos drug cartel who want to force the farmers to grow opium poppies. While elders admit that the training and arming of their children is really a ploy to get the attention of the central government who they say have failed to respond to their plight. Nonetheless, children cannot leave the villages defended by the CRAC-PF in order to attend secondary school and anyone caught by the brutal cartels is at risk of losing their life.

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Luis Antonio Rojas/Panos Pictures
Alcozacan, Guerrero
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