Stephan Vanfleteren

Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Anita Heinisch de Carvalho: Anita was born in the Deublergasse in Floridsdorf, Vienna, in 1922. Her
father had fought in the First World War, after which the curtain fell on the Austrian-Hungarian empire. When Brazilian coffee barons began recruiting Austrian migrants, her father decided to chance his hand with them. Anita, who was seven years old, can still remember the long train journey to Hamburg, and then to Santos on board the Monte
Olivia. Her earliest memory of Sao Paulo is the sight of black people, and of course the strong smell of coffee. Anita never returned to Austria. Most of her souvenirs of Vienna
were thrown away by mistake. But she speaks and reads German to this day.

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Stephan Vanfleteren
Sao Paulo
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