J.B. Russell

USA, El Cajon, California, USA

Antoun and Brett in a park in El Cajon, California. Antoun, 70, was a well-known weightlifting and boxing champion in Iraq in the 1970s. He's still in excellent physical condition. Since coming to the States seven months ago with his grown children and grand children, he does not have much to do. He spends his days going to the park to exercise and talk with other Iraqi refugees. Brett Wilson, 20, is from El Cajon. He just enlisted in the US Army and is waiting for his induction and basic training boot camp to start at Fort Benning, GA. He wants to be part of the elite Army Rangers Corps and is training to be ready for their physical demands. Despite the 50 years that separate them in age, the lack of a common language and the history of conflict between their two countries, Antoun and Brett have become friends and work out together on a daily basis in the park. Antoun instructs Brett on his training form and technique and Brett provides some camaraderie and purpose for Antouns daily routine.

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J.B. Russell
USA, El Cajon, California
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