Nora Lorek

Arvidsjaur, Sweden

Bengt (left) and Krystyna Enander (right) sit on the sofa in their home in Arvidsjaur. In 2014 over half the population voted Social Democrat. Bengt came here in 1975, mainly for the tranquility and scenery. Working as a police officer he became responsible for a precinct half the size of Denmark. At the time, there were around 30 police officers. Now there are around 12.
Krystyna thinks that's enough. 'We do not need more police, we need more youth centres' she says. She has worked a lot with youth and refugees in the city. Krystyna is originally from Poland, has lived in Sweden for over 30 years but didn't apply for Swedish citizenship until now. Now she's applied to vote as she wants to oppose racist and xenophobic parties. 'I hope many people have the courage to openly oppose racism' she says. 'Life is good in Sweden' she explains 'but I hope we can keep the beauty that the country stands for. Safety, Immigration Policy and Human Values.'

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