Zackary Canepari

San Francisco, USA

Christine Curran, 56.'As soon as you're living in a place, and you look decent, and you're not spending all your time on the streets all the time, you're doing well, but then the problem that I'm having and a lot of homeless people I think have is that you're not ever in a place for a long, long time. There's not a minimum amount of time. So, you might get six months, three months. You might get transitional housing for a month. So that's why you see the same people a lot of time out there. By the time they go through this stuff for years and years, it's really debilitating. They really are disabled and debilitated because you can't keep somebody in a stable situation if they have to pick up and move like every month, or every two months, or every three months.'This series of portraits was shot at St Anthony's shelter in San Francisco, USA, in November 2014.

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Zackary Canepari
San Francisco
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