Vlad Sokhin

Wormai, Chimbu Province, Highlan, Papua New Guinea

Dini Korul at her home in Wormai village. After her son Bobby died of a stomach infection in 2011 she was accused of causing the death with witchcraft by friends of the dead man. They took Dini to a pigsty, where they set a fire and burned her with hot iron bars. Although she was saved by women from another village she spent 10 months recovering in hospital. Dini returned to her village. Having been expelled from her community, it was a risk returning home but she had nowhere else to go. On her return, she lived in fear that she would receive further punishment. She barely left her house during daylight hours for several months. She was accepted back by the villagers but never received an apology from her attackers. They were never arrested.

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Vlad Sokhin
Wormai, Chimbu Province, Highlan
Papua New Guinea
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