Brian Sokol

Manono, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Doctor Yves Monga consults with rape survivor Dominique (not her real name) at the Manono general hospital. 'To respond in a better way, we need the means to sensitise women on how we can treat sexual violence and that they should not hide. We need to be able to go to the field to treat the women on site. We need to go and meet the survivors and not stay in our offices waiting for the survivors to come to us. We heard that 20 women were raped in Kyambi, but we did not have the means to go there. We were not able to reach them. There are many cases like this when women can't reach us here' says hospital director Dr. Monga.Dominique was raped in August 2014 but was unable to seek medical attention until referred by an NGO. The fifty year old says: 'I was in the fields with the second wife of my husband when we were told that our husband was attacked with arrows. We threw away everything we had in our hands and did everything we could to go back to the village. When the second wife entered the village, I stayed behind. A pygmy [Twa] came and took me away. He took me to the bush. They were three and they slept with me. They took me to a place where they were keeping other women. I also became their wife. I was cooking for them, washing their clothes and one after the other they were coming to sleep with me. When one was finishing, another one was coming, during the day and the night. When the one who was doing it was getting tired, he was stopping and another one would come. Anyone who had the desire could come…I am scared to tell my husband what happened. He doesn't know anything. He knows that I have been kidnapped but he doesn't know the details. If I explain it to him, he will ask for divorce. I have had sexual relations with my husband since (I came back) and he is asking me if I hide something from him. When we do it I have pain and I am sick. He asks what they did with me there. I tell him that they kidnapped me and made me work, that's why I am in thi

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Brian Sokol
Manono, Katanga Province
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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