Jenny Matthews

Gacurabwenge, Rwanda

Epiphanie Nyirakaziga (49) . She says: 'My husband, Jean Ribanje, was Tutsi and I am Hutu. We lived in Kayenzi and we had ten children. Six of them were killed in the genocide. In our region the genocide started about two weeks after the death of the president. It was in the morning. I heard the militia blowing whistles. They were shouting and they came to my house. When we saw the attack everyone fled to find a hiding place. My husband was killed immediately and his body was thrown into a forest. I hid with a child in a bush (the other children went to hide in other places). I saw women from the neighbourhood who accompanied the Interahamwe to loot my house. I spent the night in the bush.' Epiphanie's brother handed one of her daughters, Euphrasie ,who was about to be married, over to the killers. Another daughter was raped and is now HIV positive, as is her granddaughter. She denounced her family and they were imprisoned but are now freed and live nearby. She cannot bring herself to greet them and says she feels very isolated and lonely.

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Jenny Matthews
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