Vlad Sokhin

Oktiyabrsky, Kamchatka Krai, Russian Federation

Eugeny Kalitin (75) standing in a field near the so-called 2nd Base in Oktyabrsky, an area heavily affected by costal erosion, where he used to live until the mid 1970s. When the houses collapsed, he had to move further into the centre of the settlement. Despite being retired, he still works for the local government maintaining the local infrastructure.

Since the 1970s the sea has been claiming the land, destroying part of the settlement. Almost three entire streets have disappeared under water and the remains of former apartment buildings are slowly being worn away by the waves. Locals and climate experts believe global warming is responsible, as the mild weather melts the sea ice which once protected the shores of Oktyabrskiy from strong autumn and winter storms.

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Vlad Sokhin
Oktiyabrsky, Kamchatka Krai
Russian Federation
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