Tom Pilston

Isolo, Kenya

Eyanae Ekadeli lives in the town of Isiolo, 20km north of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. He lost his two sons, Francis Awoi and John Ekai, when they were shot while attempting to poach Rhino horn. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a non profit organisation, was created by Ian Craig out of his parent's cattle ranch in the 1980s. Situated near the town of Meru, north of Mount Kenya, it covers 62,000 acres and is home to over 10 % of Kenya's black rhino population and over 14% of the country's white rhinos. In recent years, the conservancy has faced increased incursions from poachers and now employs a team of 30 armed rangers and another 44 scouts who patrol 24 hours a day and call in armed support if they encounter poachers.

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