Ivor Prickett

Benghazi, LIBYA

Ibrahim Al Obeidi (left) and his brother Fathallah hold a picture of their murdered brother Salem in the living room of the family home. This was the last place where they saw Salem before he dissapeared at the hands of LIbya's internal security forces on the 15th of February 1994 as he attempted to travel to Egypt. They later found that Salem had been taken to the notorius Abu Salim prison in Tripoli but were never allowed to see him there. They feared the worst when they heard that over 1200 inmates had been slaughtered in the summer of 1996 but were left for years wondering if their brother had survived. He hadn't and in 2009 they got an official death certificate simply saying he had died while in custody in June 1996.

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Ivor Prickett
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