Andrew McConnell/MSF

Mediterranean Sea, International Waters

Ibtihag, from Morocco, photographed in international waters mid-way between Libya and Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea.

'Life in Morocco isn't easy, the only jobs are seasonal agricultural work and house rents are high. I got married, but my husband left me in my fifth month of pregnancy. He cheated on me after I took care of all the costs of starting a life together. I heard that some people made the crossing to Italy for the sake of their kids, so I decided that I'd go. I left my daughter, who is four, with my mother. Our goodbye was very hard. We both cried hard and I asked my mother to take care of my daughter if I died. I waited until my daughter had fallen asleep and then I left.

We took a plane to Tunis and then traveled to Libya where they made us stay in a house for two months waiting for the right time to travel. When I arrive in Italy, I want to find a job, any job, even if it's as a housekeeper. I think the pay will be better and they will treat me well so that I can support my daughter. I want to provide my daughter with a good education, I had no education and I don't want the same for her. I'm lost in this life and I don't want her to be lost too.'

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Andrew McConnell/MSF
Mediterranean Sea
International Waters
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