Jan Banning

Careysburg District, Montserrado, LIBERIA

J. Modesco Siaker (b. 1959) is township commissioner in Crozierville, Careysburg district, Montserrado County. Crozierville had 10,000 people before the war; now its population is a mere 4,000. In 1990, Taylor's rebels entered the village. They ransacked houses and public buildings, stole windowpanes, doors and tin roofs. In 1991, INPLF rebels and ECOMOG peacekeepers stole what was left. Since 1997, Siaker has been living in his home village. His office and home are now in a derelict villa and the town hall was razed to the ground. ^If I go to Monrovia for a monthly meeting, I have to pay 200 Lib. dollars (over 3 Euro). If I go to the district office in Careysburg, I often walk: at least 15 hours.^ Monthly salary: 750 Liberian dollars (USD 20, 12.50 Euro). Standard working week: 37 hours.

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Jan Banning
Careysburg District, Montserrado
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