Andrew McConnell/MSF

Mediterranean Sea, International Waters

Kamal Hussein, 24, from Bangladesh, photographed in international waters between Libya and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.'In Bangladesh I was just surviving and wanted to help my family. Libya was only place I could get a visa and go quickly. My uncle was living in Libya and I started working with him as a painter. We always had problems getting paid and when going out to buy something we would often be robbed. Young guys carrying guns would stop you and take everything. I lost my job after one year and moved to Tripoli. I had some friends there and got work but we were always being robbed and we were always scared when we left the house. My family were stressed and told me to come back to Bangladesh or move to another country. I saw many of my friends going to Europe so decided to follow them. I was brought to Sabratah and at 1 a.m. we were brought to the beach and put on a rubber boat. The boat was dancing [on the sea] I was so scared I didn't want to look up, I kept looking down, others were vomiting continuously. At 9 a.m. we saw something small on the horizon and after one hour we saw the ship, some people started dancing, some threw their shirts away, others praised God.'

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Andrew McConnell/MSF
Mediterranean Sea
International Waters
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