Nora Lorek

Arvidsjaur, Sweden

Katarina Lindmark sits on a bearskin in her home in Arvidsjaur. In 2014, more than half of the population in this constituency voted Social Democrat.
Katarina recently finished secondary school and works at one of the two petrol stations in town. She is a first time voter and very interested in local politics. 'I'm going to the political conference in Almedalen tomorrow. The Norrbotten Region Youth Council is taking me there to show what it's like to live in rural area - just to dispel some prejudices.' Katarina often hears that she should get into politics. She is engaged in many local initiatives and curious about developments in her hometown. 'I honestly believe that most people do not know who they want to vote for. I too am not sure where I stand.'

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Nora Lorek
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