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Noriko Hayashi

Dohuk & Sinjar, Iraq

Left: A Yazidi couple, Ashor and his wife Barfi, from Khanasor. Ashor says 'I grew up in Sunnni near Khanasor. When I was a child, the area was a very small place. There were only a few cars in Sunni and every time my friends and I saw a car we started running to the car. Also, there was no ball to play with. So we made a ball with clothes and played with it with my friends. We had a farm and we were growing tomatoes, berries, onions, etc and we also had lots of sheep. I have a really peaceful memory of Sinjar. When ISIS attacked our village two years ago, I left my village with my wife and children. Since then we have been living in a house in Sharia district near Dohuk.'

Right: An old farm in Khanasor where Ashow and his wife Bafi were living before they fled the ISIS advance in 2014. Later it was destroyed by US airstrike, targetting ISIS.

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Noriko Hayashi
Dohuk & Sinjar
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