Jenny Matthews

Nyamirambo, Rwanda

Madame Speciose Mukakibibi.1995: Madame Speciose Mukakibibi (37) shows a machette scar across her face. Three of her five children were killed during the genocide. She describes the events that she endured: I was in Runyinya when Habyarimana (the president) died. We lived in the Kibingo sector there. My husband was called Frederine Gabiro and was a farmer. I was pregnant and on 17 April 1994 I left to have the baby as well as flee. One week later I gave birth without any nurse. I had a little girl called Rosine Umuhoza. When I left Runinya the situation was delicate and the priest, Father Francois Ngomirakiza, took us in his car, the pregnant women and the wounded. He took us to the University Hospital (HUNR) in Butare. On the 22nd the killing began. The doctors and nurses were divided ethnically. On the 23rd I was in the maternity ward and the soldiers and peasants came. I was very pregnant and had my youngest child Alphonsine who was five with me. When I saw the attack begin I wanted to get out but the criminals caught me, cut me with a machete on my face and head and wounded my foot. My child was almost killed, but not quite but she never regained consciousness. As for me, the Red Cross took us and looked after us but it was useless because the killers came back to finish us off. When the Red Cross left the soldiers accompanied by the Interahambwe came at night to select and kill.'2014: Madame Speciose Mukakibibi (56) outside her home. Three of her five children were killed during the genocide. She now lives in a house provided by the government who also gave her a cow.

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