Jenny Matthews

Kigali, Rwanda

Maurice Sakufi moved to Kigali and remarried after the genocide. He now has four children with his new wife. He says of the 1994 massacre in Bisesero: 'A militiaman called Sebikoba, who was from our commune, discovered my wife. She had our baby on her back. He machetted my wife and then stuck a thick bamboo stick into her vagina. He pushed it so hard it went into her stomach. The child she was carrying fell to the ground. The child wandered off saying ‘mama, papa,’ this was a baby who couldn’t yet talk properly. The militiaman saw the child and killed him saying ‘we cant let a child of Sakufi live’. That evening when the soldiers withdrew I went to see the body of my wife and child. When I got to the place where she lay I trembled. She was still breathing. I removed the bamboo stick from her body but then her neck cracked and she died immediately. I looked for a hoe and I buried them at once. I have no souvenir of them, she had no clothes and I had no photos. By chance I saw besides their bodies a traditional sling that my wife had used to put the child on her back. I took it and I still have it today.’

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Jenny Matthews
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