Brian Sokol / UNHCR

Near Domiz, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

May (name changed to protect her identity), 8, in Domiz refugee camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She and her family arrived in Domiz about a month earlier, having fled their home in Damascus, the Syrian capital. They escaped on a bus at night and May recalls crying for hours as they left the city behind. After traveling more than 800 kilometres, they made the final crossing into Iraq on foot. Since arriving in Domiz, she has had recurring nightmares in which her father is violently killed. She is now attending school, and says she finally feels safe. May hopes to be a photographer when she grows up. 'I want to take pictures of happy children, because they are innocent, and my pictures will make them even more happy,' she says. The most important thing she was able to bring with her when she left home is the set of bracelets she wears in this photograph. 'The bracelets aren't my favourite things,' she says, 'my doll Nancy is.' May's aunt gave her the doll on her sixth birthday. 'She reminds me of that day, the cake I had, and how safe I felt then when my whole family was together.' The night they fled Damascus, May's mother put Nancy on her bed where she wouldn't be forgotten. But in the rush that ensued, Nancy was somehow left behind, and May says these bracelets are the next-best thing to having her in Iraq.

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Brian Sokol / UNHCR
Near Domiz, Iraqi Kurdistan
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