Joan Bardeletti

North Dakota, USA

Mike Wilson is seen reflected in the mirror of his pickup truck, looking over his land in North Dakota. At 30, he owns 1,200 hectares of land and 250 cows but most of his income comes from the shale oil and gas industry that has moved into the state. He now regrets having leased his land out since the extractive process has caused a lot of disruption, dust and upheaval.
North Dakota is second only to Texas in oil producing states in the US. Oil and shale gas reserves that were until recently uneconomical for large scale production have become highly profitable with new hydraulic fracturing (fracking) technologies. The populations of towns like Williston, which lies near some of the biggest reserves in the state, have doubled in size in the space of two years and local services are struggling to keep up. Trailer parks have emerged on the outskirts of towns where oil companies are renting out rooms for between USD 100 to 150 per night, which includes two meals. Accidents have doubled in a year and the crime rate has risen sharply. By 2012, North Dakota had 198 drilling platforms compared to 30 in 2009.

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Joan Bardeletti
North Dakota
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