Espen Rasmussen

Maryland, USA

Militia leader Danny Bollinger (43) praying during a Sunday service at his local church. Danny says he is not religious but has a 'personal relationship with Jesus Christ', organised religion being what people kill each other over. Bollinger is the head of the militia 'My Brother's Threepers'. Members of the group were present during the infamous 'unite the right' rally in Charlottesville in August 2017. He insists that he and his group where there to hold the line between the Nazis and the anti-fascists, keeping them from killing each other. Bollinger claims to have found God as a youth following a period worshiping Satan, and becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. He says he is now preparing for what he calls the 'end days'. 'I'm preparing for what the Bible calls the end days. And God says he will give us signs and signals when that happens'.

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Espen Rasmussen
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