Patrick Brown/UNICEF

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Minara (18) is a survivor of the Tula Toli massacre, a mass-killing of Rohingya during a Myanmar Army led clearance operation at the village of Tula Toli (Min Gyi) in the Rakhine State, close to the border with Bangladesh.
She was shot in buttocks as she was fleeing the village but before she was able to escape she was ganged raped by members of the Myanmar military.
"They bound my eyes and tied my legs and hands with a black cloth and started to rape me. I don't know how many men raped me. There were six of us in the room and they killed three of the women. When they were finished they left the house and threw a petrol bomb into it. The whole house caught fire and I used the fire to burn off the cloth that was keeping my legs and hands tied. I tried to help the other women in the house escape, I tried to carry them, but I was too weak. I crawled out through the small chicken door and hid in a paddy field. The other women in the house all burned to death."

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Patrick Brown/UNICEF
Cox's Bazar
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