Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Rohingya refugee Mohammad Yunis (26) with his six year old son Mohammad Osman, arrived in Bagladesh at the end of 2017. He describes why they left Myanmar: ''We came here because the Mogh people (local Rakhine Buddhists) were shooting and burning people. My uncle and two cousins were shot and killed in front of me.'' He also describes how he saw his parents beaten up. The trauma of the violence, and now finding himself a refugee has taken a toll on Mohammad Yunis: ''I'm not feeling well here.. My brain has become out of control.'' He also describes the physical manifestation of his mental illness: ''I used to be fat. I'm getting thinner and thinner day by day thinking about what happened.'' He went to MSF for help: ''I could not sleep because I used to roam around, not sleep and hit people. So I started taking medicines and they help me.'' Comparing life in the camp with life in Myanmar he says: ''Living in a camp, I don't want to, it's not a good environment. We had good land, a good house. I'd be very happy if I could go back there. But the Burmese people burnt my land and house.''

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Cox's Bazar
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