Ian Teh

Henoko, Okinawa, Japan

Ms Yuri Soma, 38, an activist against military bases on Okinawa and the captain of a protest boat, the Henoko Blue. She used to work as a carer for elderly people in Okinawa. During that time she discovered many of the people she tended to had extensive scars on their bodies, injuries from their childhood during the 1945 Battle of Okinawa.

When she first became invloced in protests against US military bases she was encouraged to acquire a boating licenses. After gaining her license her inclination to be involved in the Henoko protests increased, eventually protesting became a full time occupation. The decision to give up her job as a carer was particularly difficult since she and those she cared for had become attached to each other. However a friend, a bed-ridden old man she cared for, gave her the encouragement she needed by saying, 'I cannot move my body, but you can take action for Henoko.'

As an activist her main roles are piloting the protest boats and monitoring the actions of Japan Coast Guard and the Okinawa Defence Bureau in Oura Bay. She was featured in 'Ikusaba Nu Tudumi', a documentary film whose title means, 'Stop Okinawa becoming a battlefield again.' The film was screened more than 2,000 times across Japan. For her, the ideal solution would be to eliminate any need for an army.

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Ian Teh
Henoko, Okinawa
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