J.B. Russell

USA, Madison Heights, Michigan, USA

Muntaha Fleafel is an Iraqi from the Mandaean minority at her home in Madison Heights, Michigan. In Baghdad, where she is from, she made traditional jewelry that she sold in her shop. At the end of 2003, she was attacked by three masked men who said that she was not a Muslim, did not know God and did not deserve to live. They took everything in her shop and ran her over with their car, severely breaking her leg. When they continued attacking her, she struggled and tried to uncover their faces. One of the men threw acid on her, but she protected her face with her arm. When they tried to drag her into the car, she screamed and resisted, people began to gather so one of the men stabbed her in the stomach with a large military knife and left her for dead. Miraculously, she survived. After extensive medical treatment and three years living in a UN woman's protection program in Jordan, she came to the US. She suffers from memory lapses due to the beating she received, but can't forget what happened to her. More than anything she wants to have plastic surgery to remove the scars on her body so that she is not constantly reminded of the attack and the fact that her injuries prevent her from ever having children. She sees a therapist and is given medication.

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J.B. Russell
USA, Madison Heights, Michigan
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