Fernando Moleres

Lesbos ( Lesvos ), Greece

Name: Paula Mannington.
Country: Canada.
Profession: Refugee and emigration NGO.
"We have been so incredibly inspired by the heart and response of the Greek people and the solidarity of support by volunteers of all ages and nationalities. I am so happy to share this opportunity with my family and friends."
Name: Denis Paquin.
Age: 60.
Profession: Telecomunications.
"Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we all treated others as we would like to be treated ourselves?"
Name: Merrick (18).
"All the people I talk to here are just looking for peace and freedom and are risking their lives to find it."
Name: Delane (15).
"The news isn't always reliable and when I go back I will be sure to share my experience with everyone."

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Fernando Moleres
Lesbos ( Lesvos )
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