Fernando Moleres

Lesbos ( Lesvos ), Greece

Name: Sarah Albani.
Age: 24.
Country: Syrian-American.
Profession: Neuroscience researcher.
"Why did these constellations chose me, instead of my cousins in Syria who are growing up against the causal background of corpses, chlorine gas, and confused existentialism? Some might classify this fate as privilege, but I've resolved it as a pointed call to action; Because, to whom much is given, surely much is expected.

Name: Farah Albani.
Age: 22.
Country: Syrian-American.
Profession: Engineer in sustainable energy.
"I personally don't believe that we connect with those who are suffering just by watching heartbreaking videos and bombarding our minds and emotions with gruesome photos. I don't believe that we are more informed just by watching the news. I don't believe that we are proactive just by saying that what we have seen angers and disturbs us."

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Fernando Moleres
Lesbos ( Lesvos )
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