Nora Lorek

Bralanda, SWEDEN

Olof Moller and Helga Unterberg sit and relax after an intensive week of family visits.

Helga Unterberg grew up in Germany but ended up in Sweden because of work. She enjoys the Dalsland forests nearby. She says 'every time I've been to Gothenburg, I think - not another day. It's a pity to see how everyone is stressing. But it's good that not everyone wants to live in the same place.'

'At the same time it is difficult for younger people to live in the countryside. It's probably the biggest problem that jobs aren't where people are', says Olof Moller who has seen Sweden change a lot throughout the years.

Politicians should prepare themselves better for the future, he thinks. 'Sweden's ability to export will fall, and Brexit and Trump will affect us more than we think.'

The Sweden Democrats have been doing well in many Dalsland municipalities, leading some to compare this region with America's rustbelt where support for Donald Trump was strong.

Olof Moller is equivocal about the upcoming elections on 9th September. 'We've been there for so long and have seen so many parties that are cowardly. I tolerate all politicians as long as they speak the truth. But if they're not fair, I'm getting increasingly angry and disappointed.'

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