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Nyani Quarmyne

Kumasi, Ghana

Paul Amaqua eating a lunch of grasscutter (greater cane rat) soup in the burning yard, where the fur is singed and scraped off wild animal carcasses before they are butchered and sold, at Atwemonom, the city's main bushmeat market. On a nearby grill, pieces of grasscutter and antelope are being smoked. According to one of Amaqua's co-workers, they had been told by the customer to 'do it well', as the meat was destined for a suitcase and a trip to Europe. In spite of the fact that the importation of bushmeat is illegal, it is estimated that hundreds of tonnes are smuggled into Europe every week, raising the possibility of the spread of zoonotic pathogens from Africa to Europe.

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Nyani Quarmyne
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