Zackary Canepari

San Francisco, USA

Peter Buoni, 26.'Two nights ago I was just beat up on the street. Woke up to four dudes just beating the shit out of me. I don't know if they expected me to just sit there and take it but that's just not my fashion. I got up and screamed. Rarrr. They all ran off. I immediately smoked a bowl right after that. I remember thinking thank God I had this. 'Cause if I wouldn't have, that memory would have been seared into my head. It would have drove me insane with...revenge. And it would be pointless too. I would just go to the street. I never knew who they were. I would just be pointed at random people. I'd be the idiot.'This series of portraits was shot at St Anthony's shelter in San Francisco, USA, in November 2014.

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Zackary Canepari
San Francisco
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