Dieter Telemans

Nairobi, KENYA

Peter Thuo is a young entrepreneur who started his own company Greentech which specialises in environmental friendly technology. He shows a biogas digester with a dome going up and down depending on the quantity of produced gas. The dome is painted black in order to activate the biogas production. This structures works with the manure of four cows and produces not only biogas but also organic manure which is used to grow crops. The structure has a 1000 litres gas tank and has a cost of 130'000 Ksh (about 950 GBP). Before using biogas this family had to use LPG gas with a cost of 3000 Ksh (22 GBP) for a 13kg bottle each month. The installation will thus be paid back in four years time. The use of methane biogas is a way to fight climate change and global warming.

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