Vlad Sokhin

Khokhana (Khokana), Kathmandu, Nepal

Puza, 29, and her six week old baby girl Smirika inside the tent where they were living following the 2015 earthquake which badly damaged their house.She says: 'I am worried that soon I won't be able to breastfeed. We don't have enough food and I'm getting weaker. How can we survive if I'm not strong enough to feed my baby? I should eat four times a day, but right now I'm only eating one real meal of rice, with some biscuits. I have to breast feed her up to 15 times a day and when she's scared and cries, then I have to feed her to soothe her. We are staying in a tent with 30 people. I feel so uncomfortable breast feeding in front of all them. It's really hard.'

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Vlad Sokhin
Khokhana (Khokana), Kathmandu
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