Andrew McConnell

Zahle, Lebanon

Rahaf, 12, learns to read Braille with the help of her teacher, Dana, at a school in Fayda tented settlement, in the Bekaa Valley. Rafah and her two brothers, Fady, seven, and Ali, six, are blind by birth and struggle with daily life in the settlement where they live. 'Fady is a very fast learner but he never sits tight, he gets restless' says Dana, his teacher 'he knows only a few letters so far but we're getting there. They need more time and more classes, I only come once a week for a few hours, and you can only do so much in that time.' She adds, 'They need to develop their other senses and learn how to differentiate shapes, among other things but we don't have resources for that.' Fady says, 'I want to be a teacher. I want to teach Maths, English, Arabic, Sciences. I want to teach everything.' 'It's hard to not be able to see, but we cope. We move around touching everything so we know where we're going but I always bump into stuff,' he says laughing.

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Andrew McConnell
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