Elena Chernyshova

Taimyr (Taymyr), Krasnoyarski Kr, Russia

Reindeer carcasses are transported on sledges pulled by a snowmobile. During a day a hunter may shoot between 8 to 15 reindeers. Each animal yields around 40 - 60 kg of meat. They butcher the carcass and remove the entrails immediately to avoid putrefaction. The Taimyr region, about 400 km into the Arctic Circle, is the habitat for 70 percent of the world's wild reindeer herds. In the 1970s hunting was carried out on an industrial scale, developed and managed by the Soviet government. After the collapse of the USSR a period of stagnation continued until a new generation of hunters began to resume and re-establish the practice. With the market for reindeer meat expanding internationally an opportunity to develop a new economy, based on industrial hunting which mixes tradition with modernity, has arisen in this remote area. It also offers the indigenous people of the area a vital economic resource. However, life for the polar hunters is a permanent struggle, facing harsh conditions and a lack of infrastructure, as well as difficulties in marketing their products, access to markets and environmental changes.

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Elena Chernyshova
Taimyr (Taymyr), Krasnoyarski Kr
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