Andrea Gjestvang

Berlin, Germany

Sara Bialas (17) photographed shortly after the war. A friend styled her hair with a safety pin. She was sent to Konzentrationslager Gross-Rosen in January 1941, when she was 13 years old and remained incarcerated for four and a half years during which time she lost her mother, father and two sisters. She described how on: '9 May, in the late afternoon, we were set free. In the morning we worked. They always chased us, the SS-woman who was the camp director looked at us as if to confirm that we were actually humans. Then we were allowed to look out the window. And then we were set free. The Soviet soldiers liberated us...When I was released, I realised that I was completely alone in the world. I was never myself again, ever after...Now I stood there and cried. The other girls asked why I was crying now that we could go home? I had been so brave all the time. I was the adult in the camp. But we did not know where we were and how we were going to get home.'

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Andrea Gjestvang
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