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Mads Nissen

Garimpo Eldorado do Juma, Brazil

South Americas biggest illegal goldmine. Brazil, Garimpo Eldorado Do Juma. Alves do Silva shows his gold teeth, gold he found himself. He's been working as a garimpeiro for about 30 years, and works at South America's biggest illegal gold mine. Eldorado do Juma was once covered by untouched rainforest; what is known as virgin rainforest. But the virgin was transformed into a mud hole of mine pits when a host of poor Brazilians arrived in the thousands. The first ones came in 2006, and since then primitive wooden houses, bars and brothels have been shooting up. At its peak, 3 to 400 kilos of gold were hosed up from the red soil every week. Back then there were approximately 8000 gold-diggers or garimpeiros as they are called in Brazil. Today, just a few years later, the output is about 10 kilos per week.

Object Name
Mads Nissen
Garimpo Eldorado do Juma
Not available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy.
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