Espen Rasmussen

Quibdo, Choco, COLOMBIA

The 11 children of Ana Melinda in their hut during an evening. She has to take care of her children alone, while her husband works in the banana plantations a long way away, only getting the chance to visit his family once a month. "It is hard. Sometimes I am not able to provide enough food for all my children." More than 30,000 IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) live on the outskirts of the jungle town of Quibdo on the western side of Colombia. The settlement is increasing every day, as new IDPs arrive from the countryside. They live in barracks, with no heating or running water, the floor turns to mud when it rains. The IDPs tell stories of threats, killings and fighting between the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerillas, the paramilitary and the Colombian Army.

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Espen Rasmussen
Quibdo, Choco
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