Ian Teh/Pulitzer Center/Panos Pictures

Guide County, Qinghai Province, China

The populous green agricultural town of Guide set against arid loess landscapes, its lush vegetation are fed by multiple reservoirs situated further up the Yellow River. At 2200m it enjoys relatively mild weather, and its emerald green waters belie the fact that it is the most silted river in the world. This becomes apparent as it turns a characteristic yellow further down river past the Ordos Loop in Inner Mongolia, a sign of its sediment laden waters. As the river meanders through to its Delta it carries on average1.6 billion tons of silt annually at the point where it descends from the Loess Plateau and if it is running to the sea with sufficient volume, 1.4 billion tons are carried to the sea annually. However, since 1972, it often runs dry before it reaches the sea, the low volume is due to increased agricultural irrigation, increased by a factor of five since 1950. Water diverted from the river as of 1999 served 140 million people and irrigated 74,000 km2 (48,572 mi2) of land.

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Ian Teh/Pulitzer Center/Panos Pictures
Guide County, Qinghai Province
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